Brian Edmonds – Vice Commodore

Brian joined the MYCT in the early 1980’s and was a keen boating member owning a number of runabouts in partnership with Tim Debnam who both regularly skied, fished and enjoyed boating on the river.

In 2000 Brian upgraded to a 19 foot Haines Hunter runabout which he still uses for fishing and diving today.

He then upgraded to “Getaway” a 35 foot Ranger Marine flybridge cruiser in 2006, again in a partnership, this time with Steve and Fiona Shaw.  Together they cruised to Port Davey and up the East Coast, he continues to spend time away cruising with his partner Ingrid.

Brian is a serving Police Officer with Tasmania Police having served for over 40 years in a variety of roles around the State including 15 years with the Marine Police, Search and Rescue and as a police diver.

In 2020 he joined the MYCT Board to give back to the club and then accepted the position as Vice Commodore when it became vacant in 2021.